Building Data Center Infrastructure
is one of the main activities of LLC "NAG"

Data center engineering systems

Building the infrastructure of data processing centers (DPC) is one of the main activities of NAG LLC. The company not only uses its own products and developments in the field of engineering systems, but also works closely with leading equipment manufacturers.

All engineering solutions from NAG comply with international requirements. Both individual technological subsystems and the complex solution as a whole are standardized. The company adheres to the observance of the norms of the American standard TIA-942 and its European analogue EIA-942 “Telecommunication infrastructure for data centers”, which ensures excellent quality of equipment, high level of operational readiness, compatibility, reliability and security.

The NAG company develops a complete set of design and operational documentation, and also assists in training the client’s personnel to prepare it for maintenance of the data center built.


When developing data center solutions, our employees adhere to the principle of balancing the level of all components of the data center, i.e. matching each other. Each of our implemented projects is based on three "whales" - three key indicators:

  • on energy efficiency
  • in terms of technical solutions
  • by decision cost

Energy efficiency

For data center analysis, commonly used coefficients and indicators are used - from determining the power of electricity per cabinet to calculating the energy efficiency of the entire data center - PUE. The decisions take into account the peculiarities of the climatic zone, its geographic features, and on the basis of this the corresponding technical solutions are selected.

Decision level

When designing a data center, we pay considerable attention to the balance in the level of reliability and redundancy of engineering systems. This necessarily takes into account the features of the IT equipment that will be placed in the data center

Decision's cost

The construction of a data center is a long-term investment, so each solution is tested by us according to the scheme of applicability - functionality - economic feasibility. Both capital costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) are necessarily estimated. Since these indicators usually have polar dependencies, we solve the problem in finding the optimal balance based on the total cost of ownership of the data center.

Our solutions

We have high-quality expertise and rich experience in various technological areas. The portfolio of product solutions allows us to successfully implement the most specific projects. Thanks to this factor, any customer can be calm and confident in the implementation of their tasks by our own forces.

Automated dispatch and control systems (ADCS)

The systems are designed to automate and centralize the process of collecting operational and statistical information about the operation of the main engineering systems of the data center and optimizing the management of these systems from a single dispatch center. ADCS can improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of the equipment.

Power supply systems

To ensure the continuous operation of all data center subsystems in case of failure of external power supply systems, we offer solutions for the creation of uninterruptible power supply systems (SGE). They include diesel generator sets (DGS), uninterruptible power supply systems (SBE), power distribution systems and other auxiliary elements.

Climate systems

To ensure the microclimate in the premises of engineering systems and hardware data center rooms, we offer various solutions from global manufacturers, including specialized modular systems, precision air conditioning systems, as well as solutions for zoning rooms, creating hot and cold corridors. The projects actively use modern energy-efficient developments in the field of climate systems, including free cooling systems, cold air closers, and fireplace systems.

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

It is the foundation of the infrastructure of any data center, which provides data transmission at speeds up to 400 Gbps, allowing to combine into a single system many network information services for various purposes using copper and fiber-optic communication lines. Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) This is the foundation of the infrastructure of any data center, which provides data transmission at speeds up to 400 Gbit / s, making it possible to bundle a variety of network information services for various purposes into a single system using copper and fiber-optic communication lines.

Security and control systems

It is impossible to imagine a data center without security systems and monitoring. We offer solutions for burglar alarms, access control (including biometric), video surveillance both for structures inside the data center and for the surrounding area.