Proprietary products and turnkey solutions

In 2007 the first proprietary products of the company portfolio were remote monitoring and control equipment and solutions: from the simplest power supply control devices to NAGruzka hardware and software complex.

NAG – equipment developer and manufacturer

Creating ERD product line became the market challenge response. Due to close communication with telecommunication branch leaders NAG constantly stays up-to-date with recent customer trends and needs. By broadening the range of equipment manufactured under private label brands NAG intends to foresee future market challenges.

We believe that modern telecommunications environment is designed to facilitate access to information and communication, simplifying the life of people and lifting it to a new plane. That is why quality of proprietary products is the NAG base priority. We monitor the performance quality during all stages: from manufacture of accessories to assembly of devices, both using in-house assembly lines and contract manufacturing. The equipment undergoes ad hoc testing before it becomes available for order from the company customers.

Partners and customers trust NAG as an expert and they are sure that at any time, from selection of equipment to after-sales maintenance and service, they will be provided with required advice and technical support. NAG engineers will offer a solution which contributes to solve project tasks to the best advantage and will advise before and after project implementation.

In the last few years import substitution has been a trend which affects all economic branches. This is one of the factors which stimulates the equipment manufacture in Russia. NAG follows this trend. The in-house assembly line in Yekaterinburg allows for broadening the range of equipment manufactured in Russia.

For customers with individual requirements there is available development of specific product which considers the needs thereof. The development may relate to both software and hardware component. NAG also possesses resources sufficient for offering customization of the basic devices of their brands and contract manufacturing using auxiliary powers.

The variety of equipment from distribution networks to cables and connectors:
  • active network equipment
  • uninterruptible power supplies
  • equipment for optical networks
  • utility equipment for DPC
  • FOCL components
  • servers and DSS
  • telephony equipment
  • wireless equipment
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Video surveillance equipment and analytic systems:
  • IP-chambers, video recorders
  • solutions for video analytics
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Reliable PoE network equipment:
  • switching devices
  • extensions
  • injecting devices
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Equipment and sets for DPC power distribution:
  • intelligent socket kits and load switches
  • storage batteries
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IoT for remote monitoring and control:
  • remote control and management devices
  • sensors
Digital television equipment and integrated systems:
  • IPTV set-top boxes
  • optical dividers, amplifiers, receivers and transmitters
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Turnkey container DPC:
  • container supplemented with utility systems and ready for network and server equipment arrangement
“Twisted pair” cable and installation materials
Equipment for PON infrastructure
  • IPTV set-top boxes
  • optical cables
  • cords, including patch cords
  • fixing elements
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Premium class server cabinets and racks
  • floor cabinets and racks
  • wall cabinets
  • anti-vandal cabinets
  • climate cabinets
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LAVA: enterprise solutions for IP-telephony
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Cost-effective solutions for optical networks:
  • optical transceivers and transponders
  • PON equipment
  • passive optical components