In the beginning before NAG appeared was the Word.


Small personal website dedicated to Ethernet technologies became the centre of IT experts attraction. The information section where opinion pieces on professional topics were published was supplemented with the provider’s forum.

In 2004 a legal entity was incorporated, engaged in network equipment sales business. The store was placed on domain, while continued its development as a specialized information portal.

Nowadays the audience of is 25 000 visitors per month. Every month 30 000 users join

The community which surrounds NAG is the audience with established traditions and valuables. It includes experts who are deeply engaged in their activity, for which reason they appreciate an opportunity to obtain more information about gadgetry, rising to a new professional level. Since 2006 we have been holding a major industry event for the community members, namely the Conference of Russian Communication Providers (KROS).


For 15 years the Conference became one of the most important professional events for many Internet providers, integrating units, industry and business representatives. It includes both the place for meeting with colleagues from different regions of Russia and former Soviet Union and opportunity to obtain maximum up-to-date information for 3 “academic” days. More than 800 members arrived at KROS 2019 . Probably in 2022 we have to search for a new site to hold the Conference, which may accommodate more guests.

Customers and friends of NAG always enthusiastically deal with an opportunity to receive new professional knowledge at first hand. KROS tickets are bought within a couple of hours after start of the sales. This interest became one of catalyst elements to create another annual training event. In 2001 NAG Academy opened its doors for the first time.

Today NAG Academy is a three-day technical seminar within which presentations, workshops and trainings are conducted. More than 90% of the Academy students come to Yekaterinburg from other regions to learn maximum about gadgetry within short timeframes, independently test new equipment, communicate with colleagues and experts. Year after year the Academy changes, becoming more interesting. For instance, in 2017 the event program was supplemented with business trainings for managers. In 2019 the presentation module significantly reduced: the theory was substituted for extra workshops.

Presently, NAG is developing the trend of highly specialized training courses together with key equipment manufacturing partners. The company can afford not only to train engineers, but also issue official qualifying certificates.

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