Company profile

NAG is the Russian leading developer and supplier of solutions and equipment
for telecommunications branch, industry and business.

Company profile

Since 2003 we have been creating solutions which form telecommunications environment of the highest quality, which allows people to live with more comfort, working successfully and being genuinely happy.

  • We appreciate our reputation and customer confidence
  • We appreciate each customer irrespective of their field of activity and scope of business
  • We appreciate both the time of ours and customers

NAG – Multi-business company

NAG is a multi-business company using authentic approach to business operations and recognized leader in IT and telecommunication branches. The company develops all at once in several directions:

  • Development and manufacture of equipment and IT solutions;
  • System integration and multi-competent projects on creation of telecommunications infrastructure, corporate networks and data centers;
  • Integrated supply of equipment and online service b2b for equipment and materials order;
  • Formation and development of professional association, arrangements for industry events and teaching programs.

For 19 years NAG has not only been integrated supplier but also equipment developer and manufacturer. More than 13 product lines are created under private label brands for IT infrastructure building up.

In 2017 the company in-house project office was established. A “single window” principle was implemented: customer service from pre-project inspection to delivery, commissioning and personnel training.

As early as 2000s the market players have been associating NAG with industry-specific portal which remains the centre of professional Internet community. Recent equipment releases and other issues regarding telecommunications branch are discussed on Channel exchange is the one-of-a-kind project in Russia, being the site where providers sell, lease out, purchase and take lease of communication channels.

The NAG slogan is “Follow the expert”. The expert image is created and supported by two major events for IT professionals, namely the Conference of Russian Communication Providers (KROS) and NAG Academy. IT professionals come from all parts of Russia and neighboring countries in order to get familiar with technological novelties at first hand, test the equipment and meet with colleagues and technical experts.


19 years on the market

13 private label brands

49 000 satisfied customers in all regions of Russia, CIS, neighboring and far-abroad countries



Logistics centers
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Moscow
  • Washington (USA)
  • Shanghai (China)



NAG offices
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Moscow
  • Novosibirsk
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Saint Petersburg


We invest 37% of the profit in R&D *
the company turnover in 2021 totaled around
110  million dollars.
>500 employees


engineers and developers 26%


customer service


logistics and warehouses 14%


other services 30%

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